Bosley Gravel's Hall of Vain

Bosley Gravel, eclectic hack writer, was born in the Midwest, and came of age
in Texas and southern New Mexico. He writes in a variety of genres. His fiction
focuses on the absurdly tragic, and the tragically absurd. He likes good
black coffee, nightmares, Billie Holiday, and that hour just before the sun
comes up.

Just remember this -- all agents defect ... and all resisters sell out. 
That's the sad truth, Bill. And a writer -- a writer lives the sad truth 
like anyone else.  The only difference is he files a report on it.

	--David Croneberg, Naked Lunch script

Short Fiction Credits:

The Hanged Man
Summary: While fishing on a crowded pier, a little boy named Franky draws
the Hanged Man from the ocean. Will he learn more about the nature of man,
or the nature of beasts?

Published: The Deepening, Vol 1 #5
Published: Dead Bait Anthology
Available Rights: Reprint

The Last Warrior
Summary: The Last Warrior is captured as he attempts to deliver the Begotten Seraph
from their savage enemies. Can his unwavering convictions save him from defeat?

Published: The Deepening, Vol 1 #6
Published: Anthology Builder
Available Rights: Reprint

Stafford's Hands: A Tiny Little Novel in Black and White
Summary: Stafford's hands were made for poetry, not all this.
Published: Show and Tell, Vol 1 #11
Published: The Deepening, Vol 1 #7
Published: Wanderings Magazine, Vol 4 #2
Published: Anthology Builder
Published: The Deepening World of Fiction , podcast
Available Rights: Reprint

Shree Selvanti and the Numinous Lake
Summary: Five brothers questing for a magical artifact share a night of adventure
with an unexpected guest while a dark prophesy haunts their leader.

Published: Bewildering Stories , Issue 211-212
Available Rights: Reprint

Ballad of the Melting Man
Summary: Like a candle, he burns . . .
Published: The Deepening, Vol 1 #8
Available Rights: Reprint
Editor Nominated for the Million Writers Award.

Gaolbirds: A Tiny Little Novel in Black and White
Summary: How prison set two men free.
Published: The Deepening, Vol 1 #9
Available Rights: Reprint

November Gray (or the Fairy who ate a Toad)
Summary: Sedrick meets a fairy, does she share his taste for toads?
Published: The Deepening, Vol 1 #11
Published: AnthologyBuilder
Published: Shalla Magazine
Available Rights: Reprint

Earned Apples
Summary: Wess may be wise beyond his years, but does the Apple Lady know it?
Published: The Deepening
Published: Shalla Magazine, Winter Bloom 2008
Published: AnthologyBuilder
Published Pop Art Pocket Edition
Available Rights: Reprint

Twice Buried, Once Shy
Summary: Murder, murder most foul.
Published: The Deepening, Vol 2 #14
Published: Redux, Macabre Cadaver, Issue #5
Published: 31 Days of Halloween Anthology
Available Rights: Reprint

Rum Dum: A Tiny Little Novel in Black and White
Summary: A priest struggles with the future, the present and the past as he attempts to
discover what truly defines him.

Published: The Deepening, Vol 2 #16
Available Rights: Reprint

In the Shadow of the Red Rock
Summary: An afternoon in the desert.
Published: The Deepening, Vol 2 #18
Available Rights: Reprint

The Bone Tree
Summary: Mother told me that when Great Grandpa died they had no doctor or undertaker . . .
Published: Insolent Rudder, Summer 2007
Published: Microhorror
Available Rights: Reprint

The Scarecrow Rebellion
Summary: A short horror sketch on the nature of rebellion.
Published: Bewildering Stories, Issue 267, chosen for the Fourth Quarter Review
Available Rights: Rights

With Mars in his Hand
Summary: Can a witch on Mars truly raise the dead?
Published: Forbidden Speculations, Anthology
Published Dunesteef Audio Magazine, Page 78, Vol 3
Available Rights: Reprint

Little Snapshots
Summary: A world of introversion papered with his little snapshots.
Published: Thirteen Human Souls
Available Rights: Rights

Dragon's Food
Summary: Noah has an ark with a very hungry dragon in it.
Published: Reflections Edge, Issue 34, 2008
Available Rights: Reprint

Queen of the Damned
Summary: Lestat, eat your heart out. :)
Published: My Strange Stories
Available Rights: Reprint

Jocko Homo
Summary: God made man, but he used the monkey to do it . . .
Published: Bewildering Stories, Issue 293
Available Rights: Reprint

Particular Tastes
Summary: Love, sex and death, just not in that order.
Published: Well Told Tales, Issue 40
Published: 31 Days of Halloween Anthology
Available Rights: Reprint

Still Reflections
Summary: A sketch of what might dwell in the Hall of Mirrors.
Published: MicroHorror
Available Rights: Reprint

Independence Day
Summary: A mail order Russian bride finds independence.
Published: Patchwork Project
Available Rights: Reprint

An Honest Attempt
Summary: Lyle describes an attempt to speak to his girlfriend's father about marriage.
Published:The Fabulist Vol. 3, No. 1
Available Rights: Reprint

Under a Blue Jungle Moon
Summary: Their love eternal.
Published: Tales from the Moonlit Path, Issue 12
Available Rights: Reprint

Hunger: A Prayer
Summary: Will her prayers be answered? And by what?
Published: Cerulean Rain, Issue 3
Available Rights: Reprint

Something Old
Summary: Tina is going to be married; she is looking for something old (and finds it).
Published: MicroHorror
Available Rights: Reprint

Summary: A season of change.
Published: Every Day Fiction
Available Rights: Under Contract

The Miracle of the Whitewashed Christ
Summary: Talent and faith are sometimes not enough.
Published: Perpetual Magazine (defunct)
Published: Wanderings Magazine
Available Rights: Reprint

A Gift
Summary: A dialog retelling of Cleopatra's death.
Published: Every Day Fiction
Available Rights: Under Contract

Binding the Eater
Summary: Love, ropes and a haircut.
Published Moon Drenched Fables (defunct)
Archived: Fictionaut
Available Rights: Reprint

A Moment (on the Gallows)
Summary: Sixty seconds on the gallows.
Published: Every Day Fiction
Published: Every Day Fiction Two Anthology
Available Rights: Under Contract

The Courtship of Lady Boo-Boo
Summary: Two boorish brothers mistreat the lovely Lady Boo-Boo.
Published: The Fabulist
Available Rights: Reprint

Paid in Full
Summary: Sourdough Iona spreads myth, magic and mischief from
the pouch around her neck as she travels the old west.

Published: Abacot Journal
Available Rights: Reprint

Skin Deep
Summary: A Texas barfly meets a brutal end, only to return
from the grave with another wronged soul and seek a ruthless revenge.

Published: Lurid Lit
Published: 31 Days of Halloween
Available Rights: All

Because it is Summer
Summary: A summer morning.
Published: Purdee Magazine
Available Rights: Reprint

Summary: Passive aggressive Joshua has a battle of wits with the ornery Gramps.
Who will have the last word?

Published: Well Told Tales, #59
Published: 31 Days of Halloween Anthology
Available Rights: Reprint

Embers in the Sky
Summary: Young love, bitter-sweet, sometimes has long lasting value despite the duration.
Published: Shine Journal
Available Rights: Reprint

Tintamarre-ruckus-bedlam-pother-and-brawl, Behave!
Summary: Two witches want a baby, but things go horribly wrong, but end horribly right.
Published: The Fabulist
Published: The Fabulist #2
Available Rights: Reprint

I am Mercy
Summary: A dirge about the inevitable, death-bed deals, and bubblegum flavored morphine.
Published: The Shine Journal
Available Rights: Reprint

Summary: While out on bail a man has an altercation at suburban lemonade
stand and is quickly bested by a little girl and her cat.
Published: Churn Thy Butter
Available Rights: Reprint

Going Viral (Pop Culture Apocalypse)
Summary: A vapid and sleazy talk show host agrees to do a stupid zombie tricks segment on
with some very unexpected results.
Published: Infernal Ink
Available Rights: Reprint

The Wivern Story
Summary: A young, exiled mogul stumbles across a brooding dragon.
Published: Wilde Oats
Available Rights: Reprint

Summary: A writer is visited by a creepy muse.
Published: Every Day Ficiton
Published: Podcast Every Day Fiction"
Available Rights: Reprint

Lord of the Swarm: The Danger of Need
Summary: A scientist and his assistant discover the nature of a rogue swarm
of bees in New Pangaea.
Published: Chupa Capra House
Available Rights: Unknown

Novel, Novella & Novelette Credits:

The Movie
Published: Bewrite Books
Summary: A small town kid with big dream decides to make a movie.
Available Rights (purchase): Amazon, B&N
Excerpt: The Movie

Other Credits:

Old Tom Cat
Summary: A stray cat wanders the city.
Published: Wanderings, Vol 2, #6
Available Rights: Reprint

Summer Ice
Summary: A poet says goodbye to his mentor.
Published: Wanderings, Vol 2, #7
Available Rights: Reprint

Stained by Cain
Summary: A prose poem charting a hidden form of life.
Published: Bewildering Stories, Issue 242,?
Available Rights: Reprint

Her Name is Rio
Summary: Rio Grande, NM, Llarona Park
Published: Literal Translation, Vol 10, June 2008
Available Rights: Reprint

Manly Food
Summary: Recipes
Published: The Art of Manliness
Available Rights: Unknown

Annie In Africa
Summary: Fan fiction ... Little Orphan Annie is all grown up and working a mystery solving mercenary.
Available Rights: None due to unauthorized character depictions.

Various Covers
Summary: Cover Art
Published: Facebook Gallery
Published: Flash Slideshow
Available Rights: Unknown

The Aristocrat
Summary: Twitterized Dada Novel
Published: Twitter
Available Rights: Available

The Cavalcade of Terror
Summary: Flash Fiction site
Published: A Dreadful Little Press
Available Rights: Free to view

Pending Publication:

Boston Fog, Suicide Smile

Peer groups:

Ripcot, since 2008


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Notable Work in Progress:

A speculative noir, a study of love, fear, and loneliness.(~90k)

Summary: A man's search for love carries him across the boundaries of his own mind.
Published: Fodder for the Slush Beast
Available Rights: All

American Woman (~80k)
The dark side of life in the suburbia.

Summary: Hollywood Tommy reconciles with his wife; re-explores suburban life looking for cheap thrills and danger.
Available Rights: All

The Scarlet Chronicles (~20k)
Thirteen stories love, sex and death.

Summary: Various tales of horror and the bizarre.
Available Rights: All

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